Ancient Greece: The Trojan War - Episode 4

Achilles is sulking and refusing to fight. When his cousin, Patroclus, tries to persuade him to return Achilles gives him his armour and sends him back to the battle.


Menelaus and Paris meet in single combat: Menelaus quickly gains the upper hand and the Greek army is anticipating a swift victory...when suddenly Paris simply disappears, rescued by the gods. Both sides believe they have the victory and no-one seems to know what to do next. At which point the Trojan, Pandarus, fires an arrow at Menelaus and the fight is back on.

The Greeks are missing Achilles so the Soldier visits Achilles's tent with Patroclus, the hero's cousin, and they try to persuade him to return to the battle. Achilles hands Patroclus his armour, telling his young cousin to sort out the Trojans himself. Patroclus dons the armour and speeds to the battlefield and the Soldier follows...

He picks up a stone the size of my house
The Old Soldier on Hector

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Episode 4 - transcript

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