Ancient Greece: The Trojan War - Episode 3

The Trojans refuse to return Helen so the Greeks invade from the sea. The Trojans retreat behind the impregnable city walls and stalemate ensues.


The Greeks return to Troy as an invasion force. The soldiers fight their way up the beach until the Trojans retreat inside the city walls. The fighting continues on the following days but then the Trojans stay within the city walls and do not come out. During the lull in hostilities the Greeks build a wooden encampment, but they are completely unable to breach Troy's defences.

Then the Greeks fall to fighting among themselves: Agamemnon and Achilles fall out over two female servants called Chryseis and Briseis and Achilles storms off, vowing he will take no further part in the fight. Then Paris appears, offering to settle the whole issue by fighting in single combat. Menelaus steps up to take his challenge.

...without a clue how to break the deadlock...
The Soldier on the siege

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Episode 3 - transcript

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