Ancient Greece: The Trojan War - Episode 2

When Menelaus discovers Helen has eloped with Paris he issues an ultimatum to Troy: return Helen immediately or face war.


Menelaus returns to find that Helen has gone to Troy with Paris. It turns out that when Menelaus married Helen her father insisted that all her other suitors should come to the aid of Menelaus should she ever elope with anyone - so Menelaus calls in those promises. Initially he turns to his brother Agamemnon, who will be in charge of the army and to whom the Soldier is now assigned.

Their first job is to persuade two heroes - Achilles and Odysseus - to support the venture. Then the Greeks sail to Troy and hand King Priam their ultimatum: return Helen plus compensation or Troy will be destroyed.

Holy moussaka! This place is immense!
The Old Soldier on Troy

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Episode 2 - transcript

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