6. Put the Fire out!

Warm up

Repeat from previous programmes - following the music cues to walk, skip or jog along the maze-like streets and alleyways of medieval London.

Sequence 1: Get away!

Lift your heavy bundle of precious possessions up onto your back. Lean the top half of your body forward as you carry your bundle along the maze-like London streets. Follow your own zig-zagging pathway to escape.

Sequence 2: Firebreaks! (Created by demolishing the houses around the edge of the fire to stop it spreading.) In demolition

teams of two:

  • partners alternate a rhythmic chopping action of the houses’ wooden timbers with imaginary axes; slowly at first, and then double time
  • partners lift imaginary long handled iron hooks to pull down the thatch roof together, at the same time.

Sequence 3: The Fire goes out

Reverse ‘The Fire spreads’ sequence from the previous programme to show the fire getting smaller until finally it goes out. The children cluster together in the middle of the room to form a big, class fire - energetically reaching their flickering flame fingers high, low and all around. As the wind dies down, the class divides into the same groups of four and then two as last time; leaping to a new space to perform less energetic flickering flame movements. Eventually, the fire goes out and everyone sinks slowly down to the floor where they remain completely still.

Cool down

Lie down on the floor and have a nice, big stretch! Take a few deep, gentle breaths, close your eyes and relax as you listen to a few final thoughts about The Great Fire of London.

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