4: The Fire begins in Pudding Lane


The second unit of programmes continues the exploration of The Fire through movement and dance. Ideally you will need to use the school hall for these programmes as they require a large, cleared space. The children should be dressed for PE, wearing loose-fitting clothing.

These Notes include a detailed content grid for each programme with the headings ‘Content’, ‘Guidance’ and ‘Evaluation’. Use these to navigate each programme. You may also find it useful to take your own timings for when each section begins (or other factors which you wish to note) to aid you with the play-back.

Programme summary:

Warm up

Walk! Skip! Jog! Exploring medieval London’s maze-like streets and alleyways.

Sequence 1: The busy bakery

Performing hot, busy baking actions: stirring the ingredients together; punching downwards to knead and pound the bread dough; carrying the heavy tray of bread, pies and cakes to the clay oven to bake.

Sequence 2: The fire begins

Curled up small, the music cues small flickering flame movements of fingers and hands. As the music builds, the children gradually stand up and their flickering flame movements get bigger and stronger. They stretch their flickering flame fingers high, low and all around as they walk, skip and then jog through the spaces.

Sequence 3: Water-pump fire engine

In fire-fighting teams of two, partners stand opposite one another to perform rhythmic ‘see-saw’ water-pumping action - so as one person pushes one end of the pump handle down, their partner lifts the other end up. Performed slowly at first, then faster, and finally slowly again. Performed to the nursery rhyme ‘London’s burning!’

Cool down

Quick, small steps, twisting and turning to escape along the narrow lanes and alleyways of medieval London. Then, walk to a space with slow, tired steps. Sit down on the floor, close eyes, breathe deeply and relax.

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