5. The Great Fire spreads

Warm up

Repeat from previous programme. Then, follow the music to walk, skip or jog along the maze-like streets and alleyways.

Sequence 1: A strong wind blows

Hold your arms out to the sides and carefully twirl round and round on the spot. Travel freely through the spaces with quick, light steps - twisting and twirling, bending and stretching your knees as you go.

Sequence 2: The Fire spreads

On the spot, repeat the flickering-flame finger and hand movements from the previous programme - reaching high, low and all around. When you hear the wind blow, leap energetically to join someone nearby and make a bigger flickering fire together. When you hear the wind blow again, stay close to your partner and leap to join another pair nearby to make an even bigger fire. Repeat the sequence until you’ve created one enormous class fire in the middle of the room.

Sequence 3: London’s Burning! (Again, performed to the nursery rhyme)

Half the class remain in the middle of the room, performing the flickering-flame fire movements while the other half get into pairs around the edge of the fire to perform their ‘see-saw’ waterpump fire engine actions from the previous programme. Swap groups and repeat.

Cool down

Walk slowly away to a space of your own. Focus on stretching and tensing, and then relaxing different muscle groups.

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