MFL: KS2 French - Radio Labo

Audio/video resources to support French language learning at KS2. The content includes songs, stories and games focused on grammar, vocabulary and punctuation.

The series is based on an imaginary French radio station hosted by Jean-Baptiste and Juliet. There are ten topics that each feature a song, a story, conversations, games, rhymes, quizzes and sometimes voxpops. There is also a resident expert for listeners who ‘phone in’ with their grammar or pronunciation queries.

Each of the ten topics is split into four clips, each numbered from 1-40. Topic 1 = Clips 1-4, Topic 2 = Clips 5-8 and Topic 3 = Clips 9-12, etc.

1. Les animaux et les couleurs
2. Les chiffres et les dates
3. Les parties du corps
4. Les repas et la famille
5. La pluie et le beau temps
6. Le sport et les jours de la semaine
7. Les loisirs
8. Les vêtements
9. L'école
10. La technologie
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