EYFS. Playtime - Mitten

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Before using the content

The theme this time is gloves and mittens, which the children may start to wear as the weather gets colder. A collection of different types of hand-wear can be displayed on an interest table with relevant resource books and photographs of people wearing gloves.

  • Talk about other types of gloves that may be worn for other reasons than weather conditions. For example, oven-gloves, gardening gloves or other protective gloves.
  • Have they seen adults wearing any of these types of gloves?

Movement language

Make the children aware of fingers and hands and what you can do to make cold hands warmer: blowing into cupped hands, rubbing hands together, etc.


The actions will be based on warming up the children’s hands and then stamping up and down to warm the feet.

Song: ‘The mitten hokey cokey’ (a variation on the familiar party dance)

You put your right mitten in
You take your right mitten out
You put your right mitten in
And you shake it all about
You wriggle and you wobble
And you turn yourself around
That’s what this song’s about.

There are a lot of actions in the song, following Andy’s instructions and finishing with a wriggly wobbly jelly action and a turn around on the spot.

Story: The lost mitten

Maya loses one of her mittens at the park but thanks to a succession of creatures it turns up on her doorstep.

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