EYFS: Listen and Play - Five little ducks

Presenter Liz Kitchen with songs, rhymes and the story of five little ducks.

Suggestions for use in the classroom

Listening for individual sounds
Listen all around: a park (but you’ll have to listen very carefully!) Individual sounds: bicycle bell and bicycle, rowing boat, ducks.

Five (four, three, two, one) little ducks went swimming one day,
Over the hill and far away,
Mother duck said Quack quack quack
And only four little duck came back.

Final verse: And all her five little ducks came back!

Count on fingers or with five little duck stick puppets. Or six children could act the rhyme out in the middle of the circle.

Story - The Duck called Zak who lost his quack
Once upon a springtime… Use pictures to introduce the animal characters. Encourage children to make sad faces to mirror Zak’s unhappy expression and, later, Froggle’s similar face. On a later hearing, encourage them to row across the lake with Jake, joining in with the Splish Splosh chorus.

Follow-up ideas

  • Make your own pond in the water tray, with lily pads cut out from green plastic bags, yellow bathtime ducks, and toy frogs.
  • Use for counting games and water play.

See the Teachers' Notes (pdf) below for more suggestions.

Download Teacher's Notes (pdf)
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Song video: 'Five little ducks went swimming one day'

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