Private Peaceful – Episode 7

Tommo is accused of being 'chicken' at the army recruiting parade in Hatherleigh.

Private Peaceful - Episode 7: synopsis

Tommo thinks of the church steeples no longer standing in the battlefields where he is and refers specifically to the damaged steeple of the church in Albert. He thinks of the church again at home...

After Big Joe is found life is settled except for the talk of war. The Colonel speaks of horses and men being needed urgently. They hear of the terrible battle on the Marne. Meanwhile, on returning from their work, Charlie and Tommo find Molly in tears with their mother. Her parents have thrown her out as she is going to have Charlie’s baby. They are married - very quietly - and Tommo mourns the loss of his beloved Molly. He feels he must get away and spends as much time as he can away from home working for Farmer Cox.

On an errand to Hatherleigh he sees a military parade drumming up volunteers to serve in the War. An old woman pushes Tommo to join up and mocks his hesitation, calling him a coward.

At home later Charlie and Tommo talk to a tearful Molly. The Colonel has paid Mrs Peaceful another visit and if Charlie does not enlist they will lose their cottage. Charlie believes he must agree and Tommo says he will join him in volunteering. Molly is full of fear and asks Tommo to look after Charlie. Shortly after they take their first ever train ride when they go to Exeter to enlist.

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Clip: 'You ain't a coward, are you?' Tommo is confronted by the old woman


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