Private Peaceful – Episode 6

Big Joe and the church steeple.

Private Peaceful - Episode 6: synopsis

Tommo in the present sees a new moon rising and wonders if those back home will also be seeing it...

Tommo’s next recollection is how Big Joe goes missing following the shooting of Bertha. The whole village is alerted to Joe’s disappearance, including the Colonel up at the ‘Big House’. The Colonel calls in the police to assist and it is agreed that if anyone finds Big Joe the church bell will be rung.

All night the villagers search for Big Joe, dreading the worst. Molly thinks she knows where he is and directs Charlie and Tommo to search for him in the church bell tower - on the grounds that Big Joe appears to associate the tower with heaven.

Tommo finds Big Joe there asleep and Charlie rings the bell. The family and other villagers are relieved that Big Joe has been found.

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Clip: 'He'd want to be in heaven': Molly thinks she knows where Big Joe can be found


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