Private Peaceful – Episode 4

The Colonel confronts the Peaceful family following the poaching.

Private Peaceful - Episode 4: synopsis

In the present Tommo reflects on God and the likelihood of an afterlife. His hope that ‘there is a heaven’ is clearly linked to his circumstances, but how is not yet clear.

Tommo then recalls an evening spent poaching: on this occasion Tommo falls asleep and so they are caught in the act by Lambert, the Colonel’s bailiff. Lambert marches the two boys to the Colonel and he, supported by Grandma Wolf, determines their punishment should be a ‘sound hiding’ followed by cleaning out the hunt kennels.

When Mrs Peaceful learns of the proposed punishment she speaks to the Colonel and persuades him not to beat the children. Instead they must clean the kennels every weekend until Christmas. However, the boys enjoy their time in the kennels and become fond of one foxhound in particular, called Bertha.

Molly final returns to them but she is different - pale, with short hair and more adult. Tommo tells us his love deepens for her.

Molly and Charlie leave school for jobs in the ‘Big House’ and Tommo is alone in the classroom. Tommo feels he is losing Molly and one day he sees Charlie and she walking, hand in hand.

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Clip: Tommo sees Charlie and Molly holding hands


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