Private Peaceful – Episode 2

Charlie, Big Joe and Tommo listen to the Colonel in the cottage.

Private Peaceful - Episode 2: synopsis

In the present, Tommo has food but doesn’t want to eat it. The uneaten stew becomes the springboard for further childhood memories...

We learn that Big Joe had meningitis as a newborn baby and that Joe has a very kind nature, loving everything and everyone, especially nature. We learn of the tricks the brothers Tommo and Charlie play on Big Joe and how Molly, a school friend, becomes like a member of their family. But the Peacefuls live in a tied cottage - tied to the job of the late Mr Peaceful - and now the Colonel, as the local land owner, can compel Mrs Peaceful to take a job caring for the Colonel’s wife up at the ‘Big House’. This will allow them to pay for their upkeep.

Grandma Wolf arrives to look after the three boys while their mother is out at work. Tommo tells us she is mean and cruel to them. And he feels that he is to blame for the sadness in his family because he feels responsible for the accident that killed their father.

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1' clip: the Colonel has an unwelcome proposal


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