English KS2: War Horse - Episode 9: Illness and recovery

Joey is reunited with Albert... but almost immediately he is struck down by a potentially fatal illness. Albert and the other soldiers will have to provide round-the-clock care.


In this episode Joey becomes dangerously ill with tetanus. Initially it is suggested that Joey is put down but Albert’s friend David convinces those in charge to give Albert the chance to save him. Albert, David and the other soldiers care for Joey every day and night until he is finally better.

During this time, Albert reveals to Joey what has happened to him in the intervening years: he talks about his mother and father and also ‘his girl’, Maisie.

At the end of this episode Albert’s closest friend, David, dies after being hit by a stray shell. Following this Albert vows that he and Joey will get home.

Teacher Notes

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Curriculum Notes

These clips will be relevant for teaching English at KS2 in England and Wales, KS2 in Northern Ireland and 2nd Level in Scotland.

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