English KS2: War Horse - Episode 4: Prisoners of war

Joey has a new rider, the kind-hearted but heavy-handed, Trooper Warren. Joey and Topthorn ride into battle a second time and are stranded behind enemy lines with their riders.


The horses survive the winter through the kindness shown to them by their owners. Trooper Warren receives letters from home and reads them aloud to the horses.

The horses are led once again into battle and this time find themselves in no-man’s-land and the horrors of the War are revealed through the descriptions of battle. The men and horses find themselves among the German troops and are taken as prisoners of war.

The horses are separated from their riders and put to work pulling carts filled with German wounded.

Teacher Notes

Programmes target the key learning objectives of the curriculum and all resources for English also have this purpose in common: to exploit the magic of audio and stimulate the imagination of the listener.

Curriculum Notes

These clips will be relevant for teaching English at KS2 in England and Wales, KS2 in Northern Ireland and 2nd Level in Scotland.

Teachers' Notes for War Horse



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