English KS2: War Horse. 10: Happily ever after

The War finally comes to an end but the army decides the horses, including Joey, will be sold at auction in France. What can Albert and the other soldiers do to save him?


The War ends at the start of the episode but it is revealed that the horses will not be coming home with the soldiers but are to be sold at auction. The men are horrified at this and club together to raise what money they have to try to buy Joey at the auction so that Albert can take him home.

The soldiers outbid by Emilie’s grandfather who has come to the auction to buy the horse in memory of her. He speaks to Albert and tells her about the time when Joey lived with them. He reveals that Emilie has died, but that she made him promise to find her horses (both Joey and Topthorn) and look after them.

Emilie’s grandfather offers to sell Joey to Albert for one English penny, if he promises to love him as much as Emilie did. Albert agrees and finally takes Joey home to England.

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