KS2 English - Treasure Island: Episode 8

Jim returns to the stockade to discover it is now in the hands of Silver and the pirates.

8. The pirates parley and the 'black spot'

The Hispaniola is safely moored - Jim has seized it from the pirates single-handed.

Jim makes his way back to the stockade, assuming he'll return to a hero's welcome. But when Jim enters the stockade he discovers it has been taken by the pirates. Silver explains that when it became apparent that the ship had gone a deal was struck: the pirates took the stockade and in return the Squire, Dr Livesey and Captain Smollett were given their freedom.

Jim is invited to join the pirates in their venture but Jim is having none of it and reveals that it is he - Jim - who has been the author of all their problems.

The pirates are restless and retire to have a 'parley'. At the end of it they return to tell Silver that Jim Hawkins should die. And they also give Silver 'the black spot'. But they have made a blunder - the black spot has been placed on a page of a bible and thus has no effect.

At this moment Silver is able to regain control of the situation by revealing that he also has the map - and the pirates begin to celebrate, believing that soon they will be rich.


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