KS2 English - Treasure Island: Episode 6

The pirates prepare to attack the stockade...

6. The stockade and the pirates attack

The pirates are advancing on a wooden stockade where the Squire and the others have taken shelter.

Jim races down the hillside and bangs on the door of the stockade and he's admitted just before the pirates arrive, guns blazing. It turns out the stockade was built by Captain Flint at the time of burying the treasure hoard.

The Squire and the others have been able to make use of the guns stored there and the initial pirate attack is repelled.

Later Long John Silver arrives at the stockade, holding a flag of truce. He is admitted to the stockade and the others listen to his terms: Silver wants the treasure and he means to have it; if they will give him the treasure map he will spare their lives. But Silver is expelled from the stockade, his terms rejected.

Immediately the pirates launch another attack and at the end of the battle crew members on both sides have been killed and Captain Smollett has been badly wounded.


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