KS2 English - Treasure Island: Episode 5

Jim, his friends and some loyal crew members escape ashore.

5. Escape to the Island and Ben Gunn

Dawn the following morning. The Squire, Doctor and Captain are escaping the Hispaniola in a small rowing boat with the other faithful crew members.

The mutineers fire at them from the ship.

Jim is not with the escaping group, having made his way to the island the previous evening. He is exploring the island when he is alarmed by a figure in the darkness. This person is Ben Gunn and once Ben has established that Jim isn't a pirate he's willing to share his story.

Ben relates how he once sailed with Captain Flint and Long John Silver to the island to bury the treasure hoard. He sailed back with another crew some years later promising to find the treasure - but when he was unable to do so the other crew members sailed away, leaving Ben marooned on the island.

Ben is about to reveal something else...when suddenly a cannon shot causes Ben to flee and Jim looks down to the coast to see his comrades escaping from the pirates.


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