English KS2: The Wind in the Willows. 5: Dolce domum

Ratty and Mole are returning from a winter walk when Mole senses his old home is nearby.

5: Dolce domum - synopsis

Mole and Rat are returning from a winter walk when Mole suddenly catches the scent of his old home on the air and he is overcome with a desire to see it again. The Rat is initially reluctant to interrupt their journey, but then sees how important it is to Mole.

They retrace their steps and eventually find the entrance to Mole's home - 'Mole End'. Once inside Mole sets to dusting while Rat tries to rustle up a modest meal. A murmur of tiny voices outside announces the field mice who are out carol-singing.

When the mice have finished singing Ratty sends one of them to the local shop for supplies and they enjoy a hearty meal, allowing Mole to catch up on the local gossip, before the weary pair turn in for the night.


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