English KS2: The Wind in the Willows. 4: Mr Badger

Ratty and Mole spend time with the elusive Mr Badger.

4: Mr Badger - synopsis

Ratty and Mole are relieved to spend the night with the reclusive Mr Badger following their stressful evening in the Wild Wood. They enjoy a meal together and the talk is of Toad and the need to take him 'in hand', which they agree to do when the time is right.

The following day there is a growing friendship between Mole and Badger - who are both underground dwellers - and following breakfast Badger takes pride in showing Mole the various tunnels and chambers of his home. One of the tunnels deposits Ratty and Mole on the edge of the Wild Wood, from where it is but a short journey back to the river.


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