English KS2: The Wind in the Willows. 3: The Wild Wood

Ratty has warned Mole to avoid the Wild Wood...but will Mole listen?

3: The Wild Wood - synopsis

Rat has warned Mole to avoid the Wild Wood, but Mole is eager to meet Badger and so one day he ventures into the Wood alone as snow begins to fall. It isn't long before Mole begins to see faces and hears the pattering of feet. In a panic Mole runs and hides in the hollow of a tree.

Meanwhile the Rat discovers Mole missing and notes that his tracks lead towards the Wood. He makes his way there and eventually finds Mole exhausted and still trembling.

Mole rests and when he wakes the two set off again through the Wood. Before long Mole trips on an obstacle that is subsequently revealed to be a door-scraper. Then they discover an old doormat: they are outside the home of Mr Badger.


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