English KS2: Oliver Twist - Episode 9

Episode 9


Mr Brownlow and Rose meet with Nancy on London Bridge - but Nancy has been followed by Noah Claypole, who overhears everything she says. Nancy gives a description of Monks and tells them where to find him - at the Three Cripples pub.

Noah returns to Fagin's den and passes on what he has discovered. Fagin spends a long night contemplating the failure of his plans and the danger he and the gang are now in. When Sikes visits Fagin passes on the details of Nancy's actions - including the fact that her first visit to London Bridge was only made possible after Nancy had given Sikes a sleeping draught. Sikes is enraged - and goes home to extract vengeance.

Sikes puts to Nancy what he has learnt from Fagin. Nancy pleads for mercy - saying that she has not acted against anyone but Monks - but Sikes is not interested. He kills her with a blow to the head.

Sikes goes on the run but by the following morning news of Nancy's murder is already spreading. Sikes decides he has no option but to return to London.

Mr Brownlow now has the information he needs to apprehend Monks - which he subsequently arranges. Monks is brought to Mr Brownlow's house where Mr Brownlow begins to reveal what he knows of the plot to disinherit Oliver...including his own connection to the story of Monks and his family.

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Ideas for use in the classroom

Understanding, interpreting and responding to texts:

Why does Nancy refuse to betray Fagin? (Open to speculation – likely because Fagin could have betrayed her for crimes in her past).

What does Nancy take from Rose, and why? What does she refuse to take, and why? (She takes the handkerchief to have something that belonged to Rose, but refuses money, since her actions have not been motivated by money).

Why is Fagin so angry to hear about Nancy’s actions? (A range of reasons – most notably that his scheme to make money is spoiled and that he does not trust her not to betray him).

When Bill leaves in a rage, Fagin entreats him to not to be “too violent for safety”. What do you think he means? Is he sincere? (He expects Bill to beat Nancy – whether he expects or wants him to kill her is open to speculation).

How does Nancy make a last, desperate attempt to stop Bill from killing her? (By offering to beg Rose and Brownlow for mercy on his behalf).

Why does Bill fl ee London, and why does he return? (He knows that he will be pursued for the murder of Nancy, but knows that news of her murder will follow him, so decides to return to London and fi nd somewhere to hide).

Why does Bill’s dog run away? (Bill has decided he will need to kill the dog – it seems that the dog realises this).

How has Brownlow been able to bring Monks to his house? (Because of the information provided by Nancy about where to find him).


Design “wanted” posters offering a reward for the capture of Bill Sikes.

Act out how you imagine the scene where Monks is apprehended and taken to Brownlow.

Write an obituary for Nancy.

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