English KS2: Friend or Foe. 4: Home alone

4: Home alone - synopsis

David and Tucky are convinced they have seen a German plane crash out on the moor behind the farm. However, a search party comprising the army, police and the Home Guard are unable to find any trace. David and Tucky are the laughing stock of the village and everyone thinks they made it all up to get a day off school. The boys decide to conduct their own search of the moor but as they are returning home, dejected and disheartened having found nothing, David slips, falls into a river and is pulled under by the current...then suddenly he feels a hand and is rescued. But just who has saved his life?

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Friend or Foe - slideshow of episode images

Friend or Foe by Michael Morpurgo. 1: Leaving London

1. Leaving London

David and Tucky at Paddington Station.

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