English KS2: Friend or Foe. 3: The townies in the countryside

3: The townies in the countryside - synopsis

David and Tucky settle into life on the farm with Ann and Mr Reynolds. They see things they’ve never seen before: a new-born foal being helped onto its legs...lambs being born in the fields...cows being milked. The boys help out with all the chores on the farm with Jip, the sheepdog, never far behind. Every day they walk three miles to the village school where they meet their new school teacher, Mr Cooper, and the village school children. The war is a distant memory except for Mr Reynolds’ twice-weekly service with the Home Guard. But one night, when the boys are home alone, something happens that brings the reality of the war close again.

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Friend or Foe - slideshow of episode images

Friend or Foe by Michael Morpurgo. 1: Leaving London

1. Leaving London

David and Tucky at Paddington Station.

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