English KS2: A Christmas Carol. 9: The end of it

9: The end of it - with on-screen text

Episode synopsis

Scrooge is ecstatic as he realises that his bed curtains are not torn down and that the things he has been shown can be altered by his own actions.

When the church bells ring Scrooge runs to the window to ask a young boy what day it is. The bemused youngster answers that it's Christmas Day - and Scrooge celebrates again as he realises he has not missed the day after all. He tells the boy to buy the prize turkey from the local butcher - it will be an anonymous gift to the Cratchits.

Then Scrooge sets forth, walking the city streets, enjoying the contact of all those he meets. Finally he arrives at Fred's house, where Scrooge enjoys a party of the sort he had been shown by the Ghost of Christmas Present.

The following morning Cratchit is late into the office. Scrooge briefly feigns outrage, before telling Bob they'll discuss a raise in his salary and other matters over a bowl of Christmas punch.

Scrooge enjoys life to the full thereafter, and it is said of him by everyone that he 'knew how to keep Christmas well'...

'And so, as Tiny Tim observed, God Bless Us, Every One!'

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Ideas for Teaching and Learning:

In Episode 9 Dickens closes the story by Scrooge renouncing his past bad behaviour towards those he has wronged.

Ask the pupils to list each of the situations he must resolve from episode 1. Recall each and how he treated each person badly. Then revisit them in turn with a recount of how he fixes each problem.

Ask the pupils to find in the evidence in the ending to support how Scrooge has changed. Looking for key phrases pupils can gather the evidence and explain why this shows he has changed for the better.

Reflect on his dramatic change and how it is received. How would the characters be feeling about him? What might be their reservations and suspicions?

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