It's a lovely day...tomorrow. 3: Going home

Ella and Harry learn how Billy returns home - convinced that his mother has been hurt - closely followed by Ruby.

3: Going home


Ella and Harry bring to life the final part of their great-grandparents' story from 1941. Ruby wakes in the morning to find that Billy has disappeared. She believes he is intending to run away home so she sets off in pursuit.

Ruby catches up with Billy at the train station and joins him on the train to make the journey home. When the children arrive they are horrified to see how badly their home town has been damaged by bombing.

They make their way to their own street, where they are initially held back by an air raid warden. But when the children are able to convince him that they believe their mother may be trapped in one of the houses the warden helps them to search through the wreckage of their home.


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