Grace Darling. 1: At Longstone Lighthouse

Grace Darling's early life growing up in a remote lighthouse in the Farne Islands is explored through drama activities.

1: At Longstone Lighthouse


Grace Darling's remarkable story is related by a fictional character called Louise - a supermarket worker and member of the local RNLI lifeboat crew. Louise tells us that Grace was born in Bamburgh, Northumberland, in 1815. When she was still just a baby Grace went to live on the remote Farne Islands, where her father was the lighthouse keeper. Grace and her siblings spent their time rowing, fishing and beach-combing.

When Grace was 10 the family moved to Longstone Lighthouse, a new lighthouse at an even more remote location in the Farne Islands, and it was here that Grace - aged 22 - took part in the sea rescue that made her famous.


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Grace Darling

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