Off-the-shelf drama sessions for KS1 and KS2 pupils that are ideal for non-specialist teachers...and fun for everyone.

Primary Drama KS1: Traditional stories
Primary Drama KS2

Primary Drama for KS1 and KS2

These resources for primary drama offer interactive learning opportunities which foster pupils' confidence in speaking and listening while also extending their study across a range of curriculum objectives.

Each series provides carefully structured language, movement and role-play activities, encouraging imaginative, co-operative work. The aim is to provide a rich stimulus to that fully supports the non-specialist teacher while providing a framework that more confident drama teachers can adapt to their own purposes.

In each of the audio resources you will hear short dramatic scenes linked by a narrator. The narrator also serves to set up the drama activities to be undertaken by pupils, offering clear instructions on grouping, spacing and so forth.

Some of these activities will take place 'in real time' - ie pupils will move in time to a sequence of music or sound effects. Some of the activities are undertaken while the playback is paused and where this is the case you will hear a signal (usually a short musical chord or sound effect) indicating that it is time to pause playback for the activity.

The Teacher Notes for each unit offer a content grid indicating the activities within the drama session and guidance to the leader of the session on how best to use the content and how to assess pupils' responses to it.

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