2. The Haunted House

The second dance session is inspired by a spooky ride through The Haunted House.

2. The Haunted House

The second session of the unit is inspired by a spooky ride through The Haunted House.

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Lesson summary

Warm-up. As in the previous session - standing on the spot with high stretches and low crouches, then adding eight bouncy steps through the spaces to repeat.

Sequence 1: Gravitron / Rotor - Part one. Groups of four. Linking arms to make a circle; the round drum shape of the ride. Leaning back slightly but maintaining balance. Walking round the circle with the music, a count of eight to the left, then eight back to the right. Repeating at a jogging pace.

Sequence 1: Gravitron / Rotor - Part two. Groups of four. Tensing muscles and showing the effort and strength it takes to move against the pulling force of the ride when it’s at full speed. Moving an arm above the head or out to the side, raising a leg and putting it down again and illustrating the effort with facial expression. As the ride decelerates, there is a slow sinking to the floor.

Sequence 2: Haunted House - Part one. Individually, the children choose an inhabitant of The Haunted House - for example a big monster with long claws and sharp teeth, a skeleton with a floppy posture, or something floating with waving arms. Then create the way it moves - freestyle.

Sequence 2: Haunted House - Part two. Pairs. Walking through the dark house with eyes closed. Feeling the way through the passages with small, nervous steps. Reacting to the scary laughter sound effects by showing shocked faces.

Sequence 3: Rollercoaster. Groups of four. In follow the leader lines. This is a repeat performance of the rollercoaster dance from the previous programme.

Cool down. Individually in a space. Standing with slow, circling arms which gradually decelerate - like a theme park ride slowing to a stop. Deep, relaxing breaths to finish.

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