1. Rollercoasters

The first dance session in the unit is inspired by the movement of rollercoasters.

1. Rollercoasters

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Lesson summary

Warm-up: Stretch tall as arms reach up above head, then bend knees to crouch low as arms swing forwards and down. Take 8 lively steps to a new space and repeat the arm swinging movement.

Sequence 1: Rollercoaster. In groups of 4. Create frozen picture of a diving rollercoaster. Add happy punching-the-air actions - in unison. Stretching arms and top half of body out, up and over to trace an arch - in canon. Then form follow-the-leader lines; twisting and turning through the paces, bending knees intermittently to create the dips in the roller-coaster’s path. Walking first, then jogging as music gets faster.

Sequence 2: Hall of Mirrors. Pairs. Standing facing each other, taking it in turns to create strange and distorted reflections. Maintaining the distorted shapes and copying each other’s movements.

Cool down: Slow, sluggish steps to own space - imagining a very slow moving queue. Lying down to recreate the arm arch movement on the floor. Relaxing with deep, gentle breaths.

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