1. Snow sports

Ed Curry has movement and dance sequences based on Winter Olympic sports. The focus is on snow sports in this session.

1. Snow sports

The first session explores snow sports, with snowboarding and a slalom ski racing.

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Lesson summary

Warm up: Putting on trendy ‘snow gear’, then walking out into the mountains and stretching up.

Snowboarding: Perform upper body leans, twists and balances to show off cool snowboarding moves. Develop the sequence by using different levels and adding a few 180-degree on-the-spot jumps. Add a crash finish: slow-motion roll-out to the edge of the room, to form a spread-out class circle.

Slalom ski race: Sitting in a class circle, every second person stands up, ready to travel round the circle by weaving in and out of the people on the floor - like a slalom skier weaving in and out of flags or markers on the ski-slope. Swap groups on cue, and repeat.

Snow sports: Combine both sequences - the snowboarding and the slalom - to create a continuous performance.

Cool down: Gently stretch, then wriggle and shake out muscles.

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