2. Complete workout

In the second session all the sequences are added together - upper body, fancy footwork and lower body - to create a complete workout.

2. Complete workout

As in the previous session, pupils are encouraged to check their pulse rates before and after the aerobic section of the warm up.


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Teacher's Notes

Lesson summary

Warm-up: Gradually increasing the heart rate; performing high knee jogging steps with swinging arms, followed by strong fist punches, one at a time, high above head - on the spot and then travelling. A selection of gentle stretches: focusing on arms, chest, and legs.

Sequence 1 - Fancy footwork: Developing the quick, precise step patterns from the last programme; performing the final sequence at single and then double time.

Sequence 2 - Lower body workout: A paired sequence developed around forward lunges, quadricep stretches and lying abductor stretches.

Sequence 3 - Complete workout! Performing all 3 sequences - upper body, fancy footwork, and lower body – for a complete workout finale.

Cool down: Gradually slowing the heart rate - walking through the spaces taking deep, controlled breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth, followed by a series of gentle stretches on the spot to finish.

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