2. Ice sports

This session is inspired by Winter Olympic ice sports, including skating and bobsleigh.

2. Ice sports

The second dance session focuses on ice sports, with movements and sequences based on ice-hockey, figure skating and bobsleigh.

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Lesson summary

Warm-up 1: Stretches and shake down.

Warm up 2: Ice-hockey moves for skating across the ice and chasing a puck, with spins, tricks and flicks.

Figure-skating: In pairs, a series of slow, controlled balances and counter-balances in paired figure-skating poses. Then travelling along looping, curving or spiralling pathways with long, sliding, ice-skating steps.

Bobsleigh: Pairs join to form group of 4. Then standing one behind the other to push an imaginary bobsleigh forward. Music cues the group to jump down into a crouching position before tipping and leaning this way and that to control the speed and direction of the bobsleigh. Finally, the group stands up and repeat tilts and leans to travel through the spaces.

Cool down: Gentle stretches, then sitting down.

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