KS2 Dance: Dance Workshop

Dance Workshop offers a complete off-the-shelf dance resource for pupils aged 9 - 11. See below for more information on how to use this content with your group.

Extreme sports
Theme park rides
In the gym
Wonders of the world
South American Carnival
Winter sports
The reign of King Henry 8th
Victorian childhoods

How to use this KS2 Dance content

Dance Workshop offers a complete off-the-shelf dance resource for non-specialist teachers. Each of the units above comprises two or more dance sessions. These take the form of audio files in which pupils will hear a presenter's instructions interspersed with music. There are various 'pause points' along the way that allow pupils to arrange themselves in different groupings - solos, pairs, small groups, whole class, etc - or to develop their own dance ideas.

We recommend teachers read through the Teacher Notes for each unit. In these you will find a comprehensive content grid for each of the dance sessions, including guidance on how best to use the content and what to look for in your pupils' work. We also recommend that you download the dance sessions for offline playback and also listen through before use, to become familiar with the session structure and to note any key timings.

The audio for each dance session lasts about 20 minutes, but you will need considerably more hall time than the actual length of the audio - about 40 minutes should be ideal. Dress as if for PE: bare feet and shorts and T-shirt, or loose layers that can easily be peeled off.

Dance Workshop and the National Curriculum

Dance Workshop targets the dance objectives of the Physical Education curriculum at Key Stage 2. The National Curriculum outlines:

Knowledge, skills and understanding:

  • 1 b) perform actions and skills with more consistent control and quality
  • 2 a) plan, use and adapt strategies, tactics and compositional ideas for individual, pair, small group and small team activities
  • 3 a) identify what makes a performance effective

Breadth of study

  • 6 a) create and perform dances using a range of movement patterns, including those from different times, places, and cultures

Dance Workshop is an ideal means to provide these opportunities. Also links to equivalent levels and objectives in Scotland (Curriculum for Excellence).

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