1. Getting ready

In the first session pupils get ready for carnival by preparing their costumes.

1. Getting ready

In the first dance session pupils will show off their imaginary carnival costumes before performing flag-waving patterns and learning some simple moves based on samba.

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Lesson summary

Warm-up: Practise a hip-swinging samba step pattern - on the spot first, and then travelling round the room.

Sequence 1: Carnival costumes. Repeat the samba step pattern from the warm up to travel and turn through the spaces, showing off an imaginary carnival costume.

Sequence 2: Flag-waving. Performing different flag-waving patterns (figure-of-eight, circling round on the spot, throwing-spinning-catching); on own and then mirroring a partner.

Sequence 3: Samba steps. A selection of samba based moves including the box step, shoulder shimmies, and flamboyant carnival turns.

Cool down: Walk slowly through the spaces, swinging arms round in large, figure-of-eight patterns, followed by a few gentle stretches to finish.

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