2. Wind-surfing and sky-diving

The second extreme sports dance is inspired by wind-surfing and sky-diving.

2. Wind-surfing and sky-diving

This unit of two dance sessions includes individual, paired and group sequences inspired by a selection of exciting, challenging and energetic extreme sports. A broad range of music-styles and sound effects support and motivate dancers to explore contrasting movement dynamics - from small, focused and tense climbing moves to free flowing, high energy wind-surfing and snowboarding. Throughout the unit, dancers are given ‘movement ingredients’ and then encouraged to develop these and add their own ideas to create a dance sequence.


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Teacher's Notes

Lesson summary

Warm-up: Marching and jogging to the beat - on the spot and then travelling.

Sequence 1: Wind-surfing. Dragging the surfboard into the water. Paired counter-balance to lift the sail up and out of the water. Paired surfing sequence - holding partner’s wrists to tilt and lean this way and that together before jump-turning round to swap places and repeat surfing moves.

Sequence 2: Sky-diving. Surfing pairs join to form sky-diving groups of 6 or 8. Dancers hold wrists or link arms with their group to make different sky-diving patterns or formations (circle / star / cross / line). Dancers break away from their group and travel through the spaces with light, slow-motion steps - as if their parachute has opened and they are drifting slowly back towards the ground. Dancers roll carefully onto the floor to land safely.

Cool down: Smooth, gentle stretches to finish.

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