3. Defending the realm

The dance sequences in the final session explore Henry's attempts to protect England from invasion.

3. Defending the realm

Henry spent the last years of his reign under threat of invasion following his split with the Church of Rome. In response, he took part in a number of military campaigns, developed the navy by building a strong fleet of galleons and built a chain of fortifications and castles to protect the south coast.

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Lesson summary

Warm up: Tudor Tennis. Pupils develop their own sequence using the exaggerated tennis moves and fancy footwork practised in previous programmes.

Sequence 1: Knights’ combat. Partners face one another to practise a few sword-fighting moves and then create a sequence together.

Sequence 2: Overseas guests. Lavish banquets with plenty of food, music and dancing were held with the aim of strengthening European relations. In sets of 4: 2 couples facing one another to form a square or box shape, the intricate court dance from the first programme of the unit is developed.

Performance: Both of today’s sequences are linked for a final performance.

Cool down: Slow, relaxed walking steps to a space. Long, slow stretch up tall. Then sit down on the floor and relax.

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