2. Carnival steps

The second session focuses on group work, with pupils combining their flag-waving patterns and then creating their own samba school.

2. Carnival steps

In the second session pupils will focus on working with a partner and group work. Flag-waving sequences from the previous session are combined with a partner. Then pupils form groups of about six to create follow-the-leader samba lines, taking it in turns to lead the group through a variety of samba moves.

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Lesson summary

Warm-up: Repeat the ‘Step! Step, step!’ hip-swinging samba pattern from previous programme. Add alternate arm swings, tracing large circles out to the sides. Perform movements on the spot and then travelling through the spaces.

Sequence 1: Paired flag-waving. Travel forwards together, as if in a carnival procession, stopping with the whistle to perform special flag waving moves from previous programme, standing next to or facing partner.

Sequence 2: Follow-the-leader. Stay with partner and join two other pairs to make a long, follow-the-leader line of 6. The person at the front of the line performs a simple step pattern or movement combination for the rest of the line to copy and repeat. Carnival whistle cues leader to move to the back of the line, and the new leader takes over.

Sequence 3: Samba school moves. Stay with group and travel through the spaces together with hip-swinging step pattern. A Carnival whistle cues the groups to perform special samba moves from the previous programme: the box step, shoulder shimmies and carnival turns.

Cool down: Slowly walk away from group, swinging arms smoothly round to trace large figure-of-eight patterns. Finish with a few gentle stretches.

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