3. Carnival parade

In the final session pupils create a themed dance based on either a bird, insect or other animal and then dance their own Carnival parade.

3. Carnival parade

In the final dance session pupils create and perform their ‘Themed carnival dance’.

Go to the Teacher's Notes to download the music clips to create your own sequences based on the music and samba moves included in the three sessions.


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Lesson summary

Warm-up: Travelling through the spaces with the ‘Step! Step, step!’ samba pattern from previous sessions. Add a few flamboyant carnival turns every now and then.

Sequence 1: Themed carnival dance. Each group chooses a theme to base their carnival dance around - a bird, an insect, or some other animal. They use the samba moves from previous programmes, as well as their own ideas, to create a sequence. The quality of their movements should reflect the characteristics of their chosen theme.

Sequence 2: Carnival parade. In samba school groups to parade round the edge of the room to perform the complete carnival dance - paired flag waving, group follow-the-leader and themed carnival dance.

Cool down: Walk away from group with the slow, regular beat of the music, gently swinging arms round to trace big figure-of-eight pattern. Lie down on the floor for a few gentle stretches to finish.

Performance music: The main items of music are repeated without the presenter’s voice at the end of the session.

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