The water cycle. 2: Raindrops, rivers and recycled water

The second session continues the exploration of the water cycle.

2. Raindrops, rivers and recycled water

The second of two sessions exploring the water cycle - the way the water on Earth keeps going around and around. The sessions make reference to the way the sun and the clouds cause water droplets to rise into the air to form clouds; how small clouds join together to make heavier rain clouds; the different forms of water that ‘hold’ the rain such as streams, rivers and lakes that eventually flow to the sea; and how the process starts again.


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Teacher's Notes

Lesson summary

1: Warm up: Skipping through the spaces, dodging the raindrops.

2: Rivers, streams and lakes: Travelling slowly and gently making smooth streams with flat hands guiding the action in front. Forming a pair, travelling in the same way side by side, shoulder to shoulder to form a bigger river. Pairs join with another pair to make a circular lake formation.

3: Making waves: Making big, strong steps around as large a circle as possible. As the wind blows, waves form, depicted by arms moving up and down. As the waves get stronger, the groups stretch high, bend low and spin round as if buffeted by the sea.

4: The Water Cycle: Putting sequences from both programmes together to make a Water Cycle dance. Start in a space, stretching up towards the sun, as water ‘evaporates’. Skip through the spaces to find a partner and together sweep, scoop and scatter like the wind. With a partner, guiding a cloud through the spaces by patting and pressing, showing it get heavier and heavier as more rain collects inside.

5: Skipping through the spaces to dodge the raindrops: With smooth hands and gentle steps, travelling as a stream, pairs join with other pairs to encircle the sea for the wave sequence. Arms rising and falling and bodies twisting and turning as the waves increase in power.

6: Cool down: Relaxing in a space. Imagine floating on a white fluffy cloud. Think about how the water is recycled as the voice of Diane fades, repeating the words ‘around’ and ‘around’ to stress the cycle.

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