A Victorian Christmas. 2: The presents underneath

In the second session the children switch their focus from the tree to the presents underneath it.

2. The presents underneath

In the second session the focus switches to the presents underneath the Christmas tree and Victorian toys in particular.


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Teacher's Notes
Christmas dance music sequence (refer to Teacher's Notes for the elements of the dance included).

Lesson summary

Warm up: skipping through the space.

Travelling as sweets: contrasting travelling steps showing three different sweets - sugar cane walking sticks; popcorn; and candy floss.

Puppets: isolating upper and lower body parts and showing them move as a puppet on a string.

Whizzing mechanicals: working with a partner children show the smooth motion of wind-up, mechanical toys.

Marbles: moving close to the floor in slow motion to show marbles.

Christmas tree dance: the circle dance from the first session is reprised and practised and the session ends with a complete performance of the Christmas tree dance without Diane’s voice to help.

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