A traditional harvest. 1: Picking apples

The first session exploring a traditional harvest focuses on picking apples in an orchard.

1. Picking apples

This unit of two sessions is inspired by the theme of Autumn and harvest-time around 100 years ago. The dances are set to traditional folk tunes and include elements of folk dances, such as turns and spins. The first session has extended sequences exploring picking apples and storing them in barrels.


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Teacher's Notes
Session 1 complete dance sequence (refer to the Teacher's Notes for the elements of the dance included).

Lesson summary

Warm up: bending knees and rolling arms over each other to create the shape of rolling barrels. Repeating and getting faster.

Barrel rolling: the barrel rolling sequence is repeated with the addition of a jump and quick travelling steps.

Pairs - picking apples: working in twos in unison, picking apples and passing them down to the barrel.

Pairs - picking apples from lower branches: this time the pairs jump to pick apples from lower branches, then spin together in a circle.

Circle - apple picking dance: each pair is numbered as ‘ones’ and ‘twos’; then one member jumps and picks while the other waits; then swap over; spin at the end.

Circle - rolling barrels together: the barrel rolling is repeated, this time everyone moving together in a circle.

Circle - barrel rolling and apple picking: finally, remaining the circle, pairs combine the movements for barrel rolling and picking apples.

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