The Brave Tin Soldier. 2: The incredible adventure

The second session exploring Hans Christian Andersen's story about the adventures of a tin soldier.

2. The incredible adventure

A second dance session in this unit inspired by the story of The Brave Tin Soldier by Hans Christian Anderson, written in 1838.


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Teacher's Notes
4. The Brave Tin Soldier

Lesson summary

1: Warm-up: Repeat the strong, rhythmic marching steps from the previous programme. Stress the importance of marching in straight lines with sharp, accurate turns to change direction.

2: The naughty goblin: Small, light, creeping steps through the spaces with sly, mischievous body shape, gestures and facial expressions. Finish with a strong, sudden pushing action as the naughty goblin pushes the tin soldier out of the window.

3: The incredible adventure: A sequence of movements cued by a sequence of music and sound effects: rocking up and down and turning around in a paper boat; travelling slowly along a dark, scary drain tunnel; falling from the drain tunnel into a canal and being swallowed by a fish; inside the fish...’ The fish swam to and fro, making the most wonderful movements...’

4: Home again: Half the class perform the strong, direct marching steps with sudden turns of the tin soldier. Then the other half perform the light, flowing, twisting and turning steps of the paper dancer. Swap groups and repeat.

5: Cool down: Walk slowly through the spaces with small, silent steps along either straight or curving pathways. Take deep, gentle breaths to relax.

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