The Brave Tin Soldier. 1: Tin soldiers

The first of two sessions exploring Hans Christian Andersen's story about the adventures of a tin soldier.

1. Tin soldiers

A first in a unit of two dance sessions inspired by the story of The Brave Tin Soldier by Hans Christian Anderson, written in 1838.


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Teacher's Notes
4. The Brave Tin Soldier

Lesson summary

1: Warm-up: Strong, rhythmic march- ing steps on the spot and then travelling in straight lines through the spaces; using sharp, accurate turns to change direction.

2: Marching soldiers: In groups of 4 or 6, practise marching in different formations - eg Long follow-the-leader line, 3 rows of 2, and 2 rows of 3.

3: The paper dancer: Light, graceful, delicate movements; twisting and turning along gently curving pathways.

4: Midnight magic: ‘...the people of the house went to bed. Then the playthings began to have their own games together...’ Partners develop a sequence inspired by the movements of different toys - eg a spinning top, a jack-in-the-box, a rocking horse, a ball, etc.

5: Cool down: The toys gradually slow down their movements until they eventually fall asleep. Focus on deep, gentle breaths to relax body.

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