Ten Pieces - Planet Mars. 1: Ice shapes

Pete Hillier has two dance sessions exploring planet Mars and using the music 'Mars, the bringer of war' from BBC Ten Pieces.

1. Ice shapes

In this session the children will start to build a dance using themes and ideas based on the planet Mars; they will use the structure and atmosphere of the music to develop their choreographic skills.


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Teacher's Notes

Lesson summary

Warm up: Making strong shapes on the spot and holding them still, then adding travelling between the shapes.

Ice shapes: Making an angular group shape by using different body parts to create a spiky, jagged effect. Altering the shape by changing level and/or direction to create four different ice sculptures.

Transitions: Considering how to blend from the solo strong shapes (with travel) to the group situation for the ice sculptures.

Jumps: Exploring and improvising jumping on the spot using asymmetrical, angular shapes.

Consolidation: Combining the above ideas into a logical dance format that responds to key moments in the music.

Cool down: Lying down, allowing the arms to float in the air.

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