Pattern world. 1: Symmetry in the man-made world

Diane Louise Jordan has the first of three sessions about observation and shapes.

1. Symmetry in the man-made world

In this session the children think of symmetrical shapes they have observed in objects - such as buildings - and then recreate these together in groups.


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Teacher's Notes

Lesson summary

1: Warm up: Moving parts of the body in symmetry.

2: Symmetrical shapes: Working on their own, the children create symmetrical body shapes based on the man-made objects they have observed.

3: Moving in symmetrical shapes: The children find travelling steps that will allow them to move remaining in symmetry.

4: Linking the ideas together: The children combine symmetrical shape dance with a partner and symmetrical travelling alone.

5: Cool down: Controlled stretches and balances, remaining in a symmetrical position.

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