Oceans. 3: Ocean fun

The final session in the unit explores having fun in the ocean - including surfing.

3. Ocean fun

The final session of the unit takes the dance action into the cool and exciting world of surfing. Based around the surfing skills of catching the wave, shooting spray and riding the wave, children create dance moves to express the culture and excitement of the sport. Rhythmic music creates a very different atmosphere to the previous two sessions and creates an opportunity for the children to work with pulse and phrasing. A great session to get everyone in the mood for summer holidays!


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Teacher's Notes

Lesson summary

Warm up: 'shaka' and stretch. Take on the role of the surf dude as we get in the groove with runs and stretches on the beach and greet each other with the surfing ‘shaka’ gesture.

Catching the wave. Keep with the beat as you paddle your surf board to catch the wave and jump into low crouch facing the beach.

Shooting spray. Continue the shape work from the second session as you work with a partner to make contrasting surfing shapes. You’ll lean and twist on the board and send sprays of water behind you. Feel the rhythm as you balance and steer your board.

Riding the wave. Take turns to use runs and jumps to travel towards the beach using the rhythm and phrasing to capture the thrill of the ride.

Cool down. The surfers part company by repeating the opening sequence to a slower beat whilst reflecting on how much fun it can be to get active in the sea. What other ways can we get active in the sea?

Music sequence. A chance to repeat a few movements for ‘shaka’, catching the wave, shooting spray and riding the wave.

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