Oceans. 2: Ocean life

In the second dance session the children explore the life that exists under the wave - starfish, crabs and jellyfish!

2. Ocean life

Having danced the motion of the ocean in the first session, this session takes the children beneath the waves to explore the wonderful world of ocean life. The children practise rising and sinking before discovering the gentle and light actions of little fish and crabs, then jellyfish and starfish. They go on to use contrasting strong and heavy actions to create the rocks and crevices where their sea creatures live. The programme extends the children’s shape repertoire and introduces early contact work.


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Teacher's Notes

Lesson summary

Warm up: float and sink. Float and sink as we travel below the surface to discover life beneath the waves. Actions reprise gentle swaying and use of levels from the first session.

Little fish. Tiny steps through the seaweed followed by little shaking fins on the spot. Gentle and light actions in a narrow body shape using a forwards direction.

Crawly crabs. Tiny steps across the sand followed by little snappy claws on the spot. Gentle and light actions in a wide body shape using a sideways direction.

Jellyfish. Tiny steps across the sea followed by stretches and curls on the spot. Gentle and light actions in rounded, wobbly body shapes.

Starfish. Steps in a wide star shape across the rock followed by stretches and curls on the spot. Gentle and light actions in spiky, stiff body shapes.

Rocks and crevices. Extending the shape experience into making shapes in contact with 1 or 2 other children. Creating spaces in the shapes for sea animals to move through or hide in. Feeling heavy and strong in contrast to the gentle and light animals earlier.

Cool down: rise and float. Rise and float back up to the surface of the sea using similar actions to the opening sequence and while reflecting on the wonder of the world beneath the waves.

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