KS1 Dance: Time to Move. The journey of the Magi

Diane Louise Jordan has two dance sessions for Christmas about the Three Wise Men and their journey to Bethlehem.

1. A star in the sky
2. Follow that star!

The journey of the Magi

This unit uses the story of The journey of the Magi to consider how one might react to unusual events in the stars, the value of journeys in our lives and the place of signs and symbols in communicating meaning. The children use their imagination to meet Caspar, one of the wise men and to travel through distant lands.

Learning objectives


  • consider how solo dances create a different feel and a different dance picture to group unison dances


  • extend action vocabulary including travel, jump, turn, gesture and stillness
  • develop sensitivity to the pulse, rhythm and phrasing of the music
  • develop spatial skills through the use of pathway, level and direction
  • explore dynamic contrasts between sections of lively, light, free flowing movements and calm, heavy, bound movements
  • develop cooperation, contact and confidence through different dance relationships including solo, pair, trio and small group


  • develop awareness of verse and chorus structure in music and dance

Fitness and Health:

  • know and describe what type of activities you can use to warm up for dance


Teacher's Notes

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